COMET receives first major solar order from Oerlikon

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Flamatt, August 4, 2011

COMET receives first major solar order from Oerlikon

The Comet Group announces that, for the first time, a complete Solar ThinFab from Oerlikon will be fitted with COMET matchboxes. The Vacuum Capacitors business unit has recently signed a contract with Oerlikon for a major solar order.

COMET’s high-performance vacuum capacitors and match boxes control core processes during the production of thin-film silicon solar modules. This major order will see a solar panel factory from Oerlikon Solar in Asia fitted with COMET RF matchboxes (impedance matching network).


“This is a clear and positive sign of the confidence that Oerlikon Solar has in the performance of our condensers and matchboxes,” said Michael Kammerer, Head of the Vacuum Capacitors business unit.

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