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Visit us - in a lab that brings together our three technologies RF Power - X-ray & CT - ebeam and a broad spectrum of expertise under one roof. Where ideas are jointly transformed into solutions and solutions into business success.
Use the potential of collaboration and shape the future with us.

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To accelerate the expansion of your business, assemble a great team internally and externally.
We think meeting, talking and collecting ideas and then testing them is the best way to create great solutions.
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The Comet Group -

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We love challenges.
To us, high speed and maximum precision are not a contradiction.
We relentlessly challenge the limits of what is physically possible and are passionate about the needs of our customers and their clients.
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Grand Opening of Comet Group’s Lab One

About 130 guests came together on October 4, to celebrate the official opening of Comet Group's Lab One.
  Grand Opening Retrospective

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