Process of selection and appointment of the Board of Directors

1) Assessment of the competencies of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Comet Holding AG undertakes a continuous and proactive assessment of the Board of Directors.


2) Board nomination procedure

Smooth and efficient succession planning is ideally implemented by of a structured board evaluation and nomination process.


3) Adequate nomination process for the General Assembly 2019

In accordance with Comet's above principles for the selection and appointment of Board members, the nomination process for the two candidates proposed by the Board of Directors to the 2019 Annual General Meeting was proactive, structured and with the assistance of an outside expert. The selection process was thus based on the Best Principles of Corporate Governance.


4) Active dialogue with shareholders

Comet has taken and continues to take the dialogue with its stakeholders very seriously. In keeping with the principle of equal treatment of shareholders, the Board of Directors maintains regular personal contact with its major shareholders.


5) Additional explanations on the election of the future Chairman of the Board of Directors

Various shareholders have raised the question of how the election of the future Chairman of the Board of Directors will take place on the basis of the agenda items 4.1 - 4.9 in the invitation to the Annual General Meeting of Comet Holding AG of 25 April 2019.    More >