Creating tomorrow's solutions, today.

With our three core technologies of x-ray, radio frequency and ebeam, we empower our customers in all world markets to accomplish demanding feats of technology.

Our high-tech components and systems are products of choice for materials testing and security inspection, surface treatment and non-contact sterilization. They are widely used in the automotive and aerospace industries, in computer chip fabrication and increasingly in the production of aseptic packaging. Our smart solutions enable companies to both make their products better, and to manufacture them more efficiently and with a smaller environmental footprint.

Vital underpinnings of our success are our close collaboration with customers, our very high standards of quality, and our passion for continually extending the boundaries of the physically possible in vacuum technology, radio frequency engineering, high-voltage technology, materials science, computed tomography and image processing.

Röntgentechnologie und Computertomografie für die zerstörungsfreie Materialprüfung

Obtain insights for more efficiency and quality

X-ray technology and computed tomography (CT) are important foundations of non-destructive testing in industries such as automotive and aerospace. In this era of ever more complex components and ever leaner production, powerful technologies for the non-destructive examination of product parts continue to gain in importance as even the most minute defects in test pieces become significant. With our innovative, high-quality x-ray sources, x-ray systems, computed tomography systems and 3D imaging software, we are always setting new standards. Customers are able to accurately and rapidly inspect even the tiniest parts for defects and thus assure quality in their production processes.

Under the COMET brand, we develop and manufacture highly compact x-ray sources and portable x-ray modules for non-destructive testing, steel production, metrology and airport security inspection.

Under the YXLON brand, we develop x-ray and CT systems that enable non-destructive testing in the automotive, aerospace and electronics industries and the energy sector.

We actively help shape current trends

With our deep and broad capabilities in industrial x-ray, radio frequency and ebeam technology, we bring greater safety, mobility, sustainability and efficiency to many areas of life.

3D imaging and manufacturing

Whether in the 3D printing of components, the fabrication of 3D memory chips or the sterilization of three-dimensional surfaces, the third dimension has universal relevance in manufacturing. Our technologies help industry master the associated challenges of production and quality inspection.


Ever more performance in ever smaller packages: products and components are shrinking even while becoming more complex. COMET Group technologies help safeguard the quality of products and processes.

Mobile communication

The ability to remotely connect with people or data anywhere, anytime, is now taken for granted, thanks to ever more powerful mobile devices and storage media. Our technologies help manufacturers build these companions of people's mobile lives, and the necessary servers, more inexpensively and efficiently.

Reliability, safety and performance

As manufacturing approaches the natural limits to which materials can be pushed, the importance of precise, reliable processes in production and quality inspection keeps rising. Our technologies make it possible to detect extremely small flaws in materials, control quality and make processes more competitive.

Eco-friendliness and resource efficiency

The supply of natural resources is limited. Energy-saving, resource-efficient production processes are therefore inherently needed. Our technologies help protect the environment and conserve resources.

What pushes us forward

We share our passion with the next generation

At the COMET Group, technology and passion meet in hundreds of ways. More than 1,040 employees devote all their energy every day to creating innovative solutions for our customers. We also want the spark of enthusiasm for technical solutions to be ignited in future generations. That’s why the COMET Group supports the charitable associations for technology-loving teenagers.
Technorama Winterthur
Technorama, with over 500 experiment stations and laboratories, is one of the world's largest and most renowned science centers. It invites the young and old to experience real natural phenomena with all their senses in self-directed experiments. Every year, Technorama opens its doors to over 250,000 visitors. The COMET Group has supported Technorama as a member of the Technorama and Business Partnership since 2014.
Explore it: erforschen, erfinden und mehr
The charitable association explore-it makes technology a tangible experience for children nine and older. Several hundred children in Switzerland have been exploring through play such phenomena as solar energy, thanks to a contribution from COMET, which underwrote two-thirds of the cost of experiment sets that went, for example, to schools in the municipalities of Wünnewil, Flamatt, Schmitten, Liebistorf, Meilen, Stans, Küssnacht, and Morschach (Switzerland).
Tüftelfreunde: experimenting – marvel – invent
With a series of one- to three-day workshops, already more than hundred  young students puzzled passionately at COMET.
Coached and overseen by apprentices, the young students design and build their own electric ball path and discover playfully science and technology.