Module 7

Digital Funnel management specialisation - Sept 3, 2019

Module 7 is structurally divided into 8 lectures. Each lecture takes 50 minutes. Educational principles, academic methodologies and scientific knowledge provide the foundation for the course structure and its content.
Learning Objectives
  • Ability to analyse journey and omnichannel constructs
  • Ability to conceptualise a content and content distribution strategy
  • Understand the ideology of Marketing Automation and CRM (both as a tool and management construct)
  • Ability to conceptualise a marketing process
  • Understand how to convey ideas and concepts in a persuasive manner

Markus Rach



Start 9:00 AM  
Lecture 1 Recap Digital Marketing
  • Omnichannel / Funnel / Content and shareability
  • Omnichannel journey management at Comet Group
Lecture 2 Marketing Automation
  • Basuc and ideology
  • Use cases & Best Practice
Lecture 3 Workshop
  • Automate Customer Experiences
  • Prerequisite: Module 2 Workshop
Lecture 4 Customer Relationship Management
  • History and context
  • CRM as a tool
Lecture 5 Change-to-digital process management
  • Process Mapping and API configuration
Lecture 6 Change-to-digital culture
  • Change Management
Lecture 7 Stakeholder Management
  • Concept of persuasion
Lecture 8 Next steps
  • Workshop: Comet Group goes digital


COMET AG (Headquarters)
Herrengasse 10
3175 Flamatt, Switzerland

Classroom: 3101 Sitzungszimmer Direktion



The accomodation to attend this module needs to be managed by the participant.