Module 4

SEO/SEM specialisation - July 1, 2019

Module 4 is structurally divided into 8 lectures. Each lecture takes 50 minutes. Educational principles, academic methodologies and scientific knowledge provide the foundation for the course structure and its content.
Learning Objectives
  • Understand the basics of SEM ( SEO / SEA)
  • Differentiate between advertising and SEO
  • Understand the necessary tools and can apply them
  • Understand the interconnectivity of content and SERPs
  • Understand attribution models
Miranda Gahrmann
Miranda recommends the team to dive into the world of SEO/SEA before the lecture. Please take time to read the document linked in the button below:


9:00 AM

Start Module 4

Lecture 1 Push vs. pull
  • Advertising evolution and the paradox of diminishing returns
  • Push vs. pull strategies based on the funnel stage
Lecture 2 SEO I
  • How it works
  • Tools & methods
Lecture 3 SEO II
  • SEO strategies
  • Technical aspects
Lecture 4 SEM
  • Strategies & tools
Lecture 5 Online Advertising
  • Ad forms & platforms
  • Ad effectiveness
Lecture 6 Why content matters
Lecture 7 SEO / SEM setup
  • Partner vs. inhouse
Lecture 8 Attribution models

6:00 PM

End of Module 4

From 6:00 PM
Team Dinner
Glaibasler Rhywyera Restaurant
Unterer Rheinweg 10
4058 Basel, Switzerland > Open the Map


Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW
FHNW Campus Basel
Peter Merian Strasse 86
4002 Basel

Classroom:  Room 15, 4th Floor



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