Module 3

Social Media specialisation - May 15, 2019

Module 3 is structurally divided into 8 lectures. Each lecture takes 50 minutes. Educational principles, academic methodologies and scientific knowledge provide the foundation for the course structure and its content.
Learning Objectives
  • Know the social media landscape and how to value differentiated social media systems for Comet Group
  • Understand the basics of the social media audit and how to conceptualise a social media strategy, as a feeder or mixed channel strategy to their marketing plan
  • Understand how «things» spread, what makes content shareworthy and how to create and conceptualise remarkable content
Markus Rach



9:00 AM Welcome & Introduction
Lecture 1 The Social Media Landscape
  • Platforms and their interplay
  • Demographics determine the platform use case
Lecture 2 The Social Media Audit
  • Tool and application
Lecture 3 Develop a social media strategy
  • Strategy development
  • Channel conversion and channel switch strategies
Lecture 4 Case study discussion
  • Application of lecture 1-3 on the assigned case (B2B)
Lecture 5 Social Media Tools & Systems
  • Tool Landscape / use cases
Lecture 6 What makes “things” spread?
  •  The concept of share-ability
Lecture 7 How to create shareable content
  • Intrinsic vs. extrinsic views
Lecture 8 How to be remarkable
  • Stand out from the crowd
6:00 PM End of Module 3


COMET AG (Headquarters)
Herrengasse 10
3175 Flamatt, Switzerland

Classroom: HER 12 Second floor (Behind the "Schulungsraum", in the corner)



The accomodation to attend this module needs to be managed by the participant.