Module 2

Channel and Journey management specialisation - April 2, 2019

Module 2 is structurally divided into 8 lectures. Each lecture takes 50 minutes. Educational principles, academic methodologies and scientific knowledge provide the foundation for the course structure and its content.
Learning Objectives
  • Understand the context and characteristics of the different digital channels used in communication and marketing.
  • Integrate the different digital and non-digital channels within the wider marketing plan of an organization.
  • Understand the implications of creative, technological and human resources that each of the channels entails.
  • Conduct data analysis to measure the effectiveness and profitability of campaigns across the different digital channels.

Markus Rach


8:15 AM Usability and design (digital)
  • Nielsen heuristics
  • Persuasive techniques = correlate in parts with content marketing
  • Dark Patterns
  • customer centric design
  • Information Architecture (short workshop)
  • Design thinking
10:00 AM      Personas
  • Research on persona design and methods (Partial foundation on Day 1)
11:00 AM - Lunch Break -
12:00 AM The Marketing Funnel and the Marketing funnel today
  • Black box decision making
  • Attribution modelling
  • Analytics and data
  • Can we uncode the black box, singularity concepts, AI
1:00 PM     Customer Journey
  • Theory & Workshop
  • From Omni to Multichannel
3:00 PM   Gamification and Game Elements
6:15 PM Wrap-up / End of Module 2


Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW
Riggenbachstrasse 16
4600 Olten, Switzerland

Classroom:  ORI 332



Hotel Arte Kongresszentrum
Riggenbachstrasse 10
4600 Olten, Switzerland
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