A passion for new solutions

We develop innovative solutions based on three core technologies

RF Power Supply
ebeam engines

News and Events

13. AUG. 2020Half Year Results 2020 Media- and analyst conference 04. AUG. 2020 — 07. AUG. 2020VGSTUDIO MAX - Session 4Basic Training - Cast & Mold 29. APR. 2020Valuta Datefor Comet Group dividend 28. APR. 2020Record Datefor Comet Group dividend 27. APR. 2020Ex Datefor Comet Group dividend 23. APR. 2020General Assembly 19. MAR. 2020Full-Year Results 2019Media and analyst conference 10. MAR. 2020 — 13. MAR. 2020VGSTUDIO MAX - Session 3Basic Training - Cast & Mold 04. MAR. 2020 — 05. MAR. 2020eSmart Factory Conference 2020 29. OCT. 2019 — 01. NOV. 2019VGSTUDIO MAX - Session 2Basic Training - Cast & Mold Prisca Hafner appointed Head of HR at the Comet Group06. DEC. 2017 COMET Group growth strategy produces record results13. FEB. 2017 COMET Group announces CEO change for May 201707. DEC. 2016 COMET Group reaffirms its effective adopted growth strategy 2020 and reveals specifics about growth opportunities23. NOV. 2016 Bühler recognizes COMET Group for its ebeam technology with the Innovation Partnership Award 201622. SEP. 2016 Ground-breaking ceremony for the extension to the COMET Group's building in Flamatt13. SEP. 2016 18. AUG. 2016Publication of the Half-Year Results 2016Media and analyst conference, Zurich COMET Group: Strong, profitable growth – Outlook confirmed17. AUG. 2016 COMET Group on plan: Strong first six months07. JUL. 2016 COMET Group presents new ebeam curing solution for digital printing at the drupa trade fair09. JUN. 2016 Head of HR Christoph Bärtschi will leave COMET Group31. MAY 2016 Disclosure of shareholdings as required by the Swiss Stock Exchange Act04. MAY 2016 The Annual Shareholder Meeting of COMET Holding AG approves all proposals21. APR. 2016 21. APR. 2016 — 21. APR. 2016AGMStade de Suisse, Bern COMET Holding AG successfully concludes new bond issue30. MAR. 2016 COMET Holding AG issues a 5-year bond30. MAR. 2016 Invitation to the Annual Shareholder Meeting23. MAR. 2016 COMET Group delivers robust 2015 results in a challenging environment and increases investment in fiscal 2016.17. MAR. 2016 Change of leadership in the X-Ray Systems segment15. MAR. 2016 COMET Group expands Executive Committee02. MAR. 2016 COMET Group starts construction works23. FEB. 2016 Robust results despite a challenging environment15. FEB. 2016 Dr. Mariel Hoch and Dr. Franz Richter proposed for election to the Board of Directors of COMET Holding AG01. FEB. 2016 Continuation of strong and profitable growth to 202024. NOV. 2015 COMET Group improves operating earnings in difficult market environment20. AUG. 2015 COMET Group invests in expanding production at its Swiss headquarters in Flamatt04. AUG. 2015 COMET Group and Bühler AG announce strategic partnership to develop new applications based on ebeam02. JUL. 2015 Tetra Pak launches ebeam-equipped filling machine platform "E3" at Fispal 201524. JUN. 2015 SMART EVO receives top prize in the Red Dot Award 201527. MAY 2015 COMET Group to expand its ebeam business with the acquisition of PCT Engineered Systems, LLC, USA27. APR. 2015 COMET Group announces cooperation with Hexagon Metrology in X-ray systems business23. APR. 2015 Resolutions of the 66th Annual Shareholder Meeting22. APR. 2015 COMET Group in 2014: Growth strategy successful – Company value and net income up substantially19. MAR. 2015 COMET Group announces provisional results for 2014: Net income substantially higher than previous year20. JAN. 2015 Growth strategy on track, forecasts for 2014 and 2015 stand29. OCT. 2014 YXLON COPENHAGEN LAUNCHES THE SMART EVO SERIES01. OCT. 2014 Half-year report: COMET Group delivered substantial growth in sales and earnings in the first half of 201421. AUG. 2014 COMET Group: Sales and earnings rise substantially in first half15. AUG. 2014 COMET Group strategy has traction – Strong profitable sales growth in 2013 – Further solid growth expected for 201424. JUN. 2014 COMET Group: Annual Shareholder Meeting approves all proposals of the Board of Directors24. APR. 2014 COMET Group announces its provisional results for 2013: Strategy effective, sales and earnings grow significantly from prior year17. FEB. 2014 COMET Group strengthens its presence in Asia by opening its own application and service center in South Korea03. DEC. 2013 COMET Group on track with growth strategy14. NOV. 2013 Open doors in Flamatt29. AUG. 2013 COMET Group: Earnings for first half steady year-over-year as expected, strategy implementation on track, positive outlook for 2013 reaffirmed22. AUG. 2013 Christoph Bärtschi to become new Head of HR for the COMET Group27. JUN. 2013 Annual Shareholder Meeting approves all proposals of the Board of Directors18. APR. 2013 Solid results despite adverse semiconductor market environment14. MAR. 2013 COMET Group: 2012 sales and EBITDA margin down slightly on prior year19. FEB. 2013 Chief Human Resources Officer Leaving the Company18. JAN. 2013 COMET Group: Strong organic growth planned up to 201514. NOV. 2012 COMET Group on track – Results for first half of 2012 meet expectations – Full-year forecast confirmed23. AUG. 2012 COMET Group: 2012 half-year figures in line with expectations; Full-year forecast confirmed24. JUL. 2012 COMET plans to temporarily introduce short-time working in the Plasma Control Technologies product area on July 1, 2012; increase in new orders expected at the end of the third quarter13. JUN. 2012 SEMI Swiss Business Round Table at COMET AG08. JUN. 2012 Annual Shareholder Meeting approves all proposals of the Board of Directors18. APR. 2012 Stefan Moll appointed Head of X-Ray Systems03. APR. 2012 Tetra Pak unveils COMET’s innovative e-beam technology at Anuga 2012COMET’s innovative e-beam-Technologie von Tetra Pak auf der Anuga 2012 erstmalig vorgestellt29. MAR. 2012 COMET Group 2011 results: Strong profitability in a challenging market environmen15. MAR. 2012 Prof. Dr. Gian-Luca Bona nominated for election to Board of COMET Group15. MAR. 2012 COMET Group full year 2011: Sales at prior-year level, net income above expectations03. FEB. 2012 COMET Group expects results slightly below prior year29. NOV. 2011 YXLON strengthens position in digital radiography for the aerospace industry01. NOV. 2011 COMET planning short-time working in the Plasma Control Technologies product area18. SEP. 2011 COMET Group records strong profitable growth in first half of 201118. AUG. 2011 COMET Group: Forward-looking acquisition in the RF generator business18. AUG. 2011 YXLON opens state-of-the-art Applications and Service Center in Heilbronn11. AUG. 2011 COMET receives first major solar order from Oerlikon04. AUG. 2011 Chinese Society for Non-destructive Testing visits COMET22. JUN. 2011 Chinese Minister YIN Weimin visits COMET AG15. JUN. 2011 Annual Shareholder Meeting approves all proposals of the Board of Directors27. APR. 2011 Thomas Hinderling to step down from Board of Directors at next annual meeting of shareholders31. MAR. 2011 With 44% sales growth and substantial earnings, COMET Group emerges from crisis all the stronger23. MAR. 2011 Jürg Keller to become Head Corporate Human Resources of COMET Group03. MAR. 2011 COMET Group plans to double sales by 201319. NOV. 2010 Ronald Fehlmann to become new CEO of COMET Group10. NOV. 2010 COMET Group: Strong and profitable growth in first half of 201019. AUG. 2010 Comet Honored With Supplier Excellence Award05. MAY 2010 COMET: Shareholder Meeting approves all motions of the Board of Directors21. APR. 2010 Difficult 2009 - Significantly better second half01. APR. 2010 Encouraging development in Vacuum Capacitors22. FEB. 2010 COMET's CEO leaves the company02. FEB. 2010 COMET confirms full-year forecast at Investor Day19. NOV. 2009 COMET: Macroeconomically induced demand decline and high restructuring costs lead to significant loss in first half of 200924. AUG. 2009 COMET to push the X-ray generator product lineand to realise location synergies29. APR. 2009 COMET grows in 2008 despite weak economy02. APR. 2009 COMET extends cost-cutting measures to Systems division03. MAR. 2009 COMET reinforces cost-cutting measures in VacCap19. FEB. 2009 COMET is planning to introduce short-time working18. DEC. 2008 COMET announces technological breakthrough06. NOV. 2008 COMET holds its own despite negative currency effects and weak economic activity25. AUG. 2008 COMET appoints Michael Kammerer15. AUG. 2008 COMET delivers organic growth of 18% and doubles earnings03. APR. 2008 COMET appoints Dr. Eric Dubuis to Executive Committee28. MAR. 2008 Successful capital increase for COMET17. DEC. 2007 COMET presents corporate strategy on Investors’ Day21. NOV. 2007 COMET signs global supply agreement with leading system manufacturer in semiconductor industry21. SEP. 2007 Half Year Report 200723. AUG. 2007 COMET achieves marked double-digit growth, with improved profitability23. AUG. 2007 COMET appoints Dr. Joseph Kosanetzky to the Executive Board20. AUG. 2007 COMET General Meeting approves capital increase27. JUN. 2007 Quantum leap for COMET - Pro-forma results for 2006 on takeover of YXLON – capital increase allows optimization of financing structure27. JUN. 2007 COMET now global market leader in industrial X-Ray technology10. JUN. 2007 A new COMET is born01. JUN. 2007 COMET names Pascal Weyermann new Head of Human Resources13. APR. 2007 COMET grows through module strategy02. APR. 2007 COMET appoints new CEO15. DEC. 2006 COMET Introduces New Line of X-Ray Modules01. DEC. 2006 Head of the FEINFOCUS Business Unit leaves11. OCT. 2006 Change of management at COMET20. SEP. 2006 COMET achieves record sales in the first six months21. AUG. 2006 Record Year for COMET - Double-digit sales growth and sharp rise in earnings03. APR. 2006 COMET appoints Heinz Wüthrich as Head of Vacuum Capacitors Business Unit27. FEB. 2006

We act for the long term and pursue a clear growth strategy

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We are a Swiss company with global markets

We are looking for excellent people

Comet addresses my needs individually and offers me a varied job that brings me into contact with many different people.

Sabrina Hostettler, Flamatt

It's a real pleasure working with so many talented people around the globe.

Henry Song, Shanghai

Comet doesn't only develop technologies further. It does the same for its employees. I too have been able to benefit from training courses and the international network.

Michael Schmid, Flamatt

My new colleagues have been open and friendly towards me from day one. They are always prepared to explain things and to help.

Joandre Galarza, Hamburg