Tetra Pak unveils COMET’s innovative e-beam technology at Anuga 2012

Flamatt, March 29, 2012. The eco-friendly e-beam sterilization technology, jointly developed by Tetra Pak and COMET, and winner of the prestigious Swiss Technology Award, is being shown to the public for the first time at Anuga Foodtec 2012. This major milestone also underlines the COMET Group’s leadership in technology and innovation.

The compact e-beam technology offers an efficient, non-contact and dry means of sterilization. Field trials are underway to validate the technology’s suitability for filling machine applications. If subsequent commercial development goes as planned, Tetra Pak hopes to be able to integrate the compact e-beam into a new generation of filling machines.

Tetra Pak has revealed the potential advantages of this technology. These include reduced operational costs, improved environmental performance and simplified customer operations. COMET’s innovative e-beam technology opens multiple opportunities in a broad range of applications where sterilization is required.

“The demonstration of e-beam technology by Tetra Pak at the world’s foremost food and beverage technology trade fair is a key milestone in the joint development project between COMET and Tetra Pak,” explains Ronald Fehlmann, CEO of the COMET Group. “This landmark development highlights our innovation capabilities and strengthens our position as technology leader in sterilization using electron beam. Together with Tetra Pak, we will now concentrate on e-beam system integration, industrial validation and the subsequent rollout.”

With e-beam technology, surfaces can be sterilized by dry and non-contact electrons. This process has the potential to replace numerous sterilants. COMET sees additional promising applications for its award-winning e-beam source in the longer term, especially in the phar-maceutical industry.

Further information on www.comet-ebeam.com