COMET: Shareholder Meeting approves all motions of the Board of Directors

The Annual Shareholder Meeting of COMET Holding AG in Berne was attended by 94 shareholders, who, together with the votes delegated to the independent proxy, represented a total of 220'108 votes of COMET HOLDING AG. The Shareholder Meeting passed all resolutions proposed by the Board of Directors.


Approval of the financial statements and dividend, formal discharge from liability

The 2009 financial statements were approved by the Annual Shareholder Meeting. The shareholders confirmed the dividend of CHF 0.50 per participating registered share proposed by the Board. It will be paid to shareholders on April 28, 2010. Also, formal discharge from liability was granted to the Board of Directors.

Motion to amend the Bylaws

The Shareholder Meeting accepted the proposal to amend section 4 (3), 4 (4) and 4 (5) of the Bylaws regarding registered shares for which the printing of physical securities has been deferred.

Re-election of the Directors to the Board

All existing Board members stood for re-election to the Board of Directors. The Board members Hans Hess, Hans Leonz Notter, Thomas Hinderling, Lucas A. Grolimund and Rolf Huber were re-elected for a further term until the Annual Shareholder Meeting in 2011.

Election of the independent auditors

The Shareholder Meeting also approved the motion of the Board of Directors to renew the engagement of Ernst & Young AG as external auditor and independent Group-level auditor of COMET HOLDING AG for a further year. Ernst & Young AG has declared in writing that it will be pleased to accept the engagement.