Lab One Technology & Networking event - Wrap Up

Comet Group opened Lab One in San Jose, California in October 2017 and on October 4th, 2018 we celebrated one year of success with 120 people including our customers, partners and employees.
During the event, Dr. Mayya Mayyappan from NASA gave us a glimpse into the future of electronics production with a talk titled “Electronics beyond Moore’s Law” in which he discussed advances in chipmaking that are pushing the boundaries of electronic performance in the face of conventional limits.
In addition, Dr. Brian Toleno from Microsoft educated us about the latest augmented reality devices and the wide range of applications the technology has for both commercial and consumer markets.
Lab One is Comet Group’s customer collaboration center. Its purpose is to work with customers to discover and implement new solutions using X-ray, CT, RF and ebeam technologies, all of which are installed in under Lab One’s roof.
Paul Smith, the Senior Vice President Global Product Marketing and General Manager of Lab One had this to say: “Since opening Lab One, we’ve hosted more than 500 customers and visitors at Lab One, and we expect  at least 100 more before the end of 2018”.
Lab One is a working lab that functions as an extension of our customer resources, providing access to industry experts for consultation, brainstorming and problem solving.
Smith adds that the heart of Comet Group’s success with customers in Silicon Valley is “the trusted and collaborative relationships we’ve developed with our customers”.
Comet Group is constantly collaborating with key OEMs to add capabilities to the lab. The company has brought in MIRTEC automatic optical inspection systems, and Korea-based AP Plasma Co., Ltd.’s atmospheric plasma systems, as well as Ireland-based Impedans plasma metrology systems, and has implemented a smart factory interface between equipment.
Looking toward the future, Smith foresees further success. He anticipates upgrading equipment and strengthening the lab’s relationships with its West Coast partners and customers. “Lab One’s purpose is to provide access to the technologies our industry needs to meet current and future challenges,” says Smith. “It is our hope that these technologies can provide them with advanced opportunities and exceptional value.”