Comet Group Lab ONE Hosts a Successful Startup Meet & Greet Event

On Tuesday, April 16, 2019 from 4-6 p.m., Comet Group Lab ONE co-hosted a startup pitch event with Global Kinetics, which serves as a corporate advisor and market development accelerator partner to early-to-mid stage clients seeking to expand into the U.S. marketplace. The event showcased five innovative startup companies in the fields of semiconductor, electronics manufacturing, consumer electronics, material science and aerospace. After the event, from 6-7 p.m. Lab ONE provided a catered hour of networking.

The five selected companies presented their highly innovative solutions with the goal of gaining partners in the market to pilot test and demonstrate the benefits of their offerings. Each of the selected companies are pre-Series A in their funding journey, needing to garner marketplace traction and eager to engage in pilot opportunities.

The five startup companies included the following:

Active Layer Parametrics (ALP): Located in Scotts Valley, CA, Active Layer Parametrics has developed a new semiconductor metrology tool (ALPro 50) with the unique capability of depth profiling all critical electrical properties (mobility, carrier concentration, resistivity) through thin films at sub-nm depth resolution rapidly.


CRadar.AI is a startup in Berkeley, CA that has developed a unique IP for low-cost ultra-clean frequency generation. The CRadar.AI technology is the key enabler to advance automotive radar systems towards unique and revolutionary AI/ML, while for the communication vertical this technology is crucial for unprecedented high data throughput using limited frequency bandwidths.


Paul Smith, General Manager Comet Group Lab ONE, made all the introductions. Several contract manufacturers also were in attendance and were highlighted during the event, including Director of Engineering Suresh Subramaniam from Whizz Systems and Craig Hunter, founder of Covalent Metrology.
Founded in 1999, Whizz Systems is a premier provider of electronics product design, development and manufacturing services located in the heart of the Silicon Valley. It provides customers with an efficient path to launching a product by taking an idea and turning that into a workable, shippable product. Whizz Systems’ services are unique in that the company manages the entire process of a product from the beginning stages of development all the way through to prototypes and manufacturing.
Covalent Metrology is an analytical services lab aiming to be its customers’ go-to partner for all metrology and characterization needs. Covalent’s one-stop-shop platform includes a growing lab in Sunnyvale, CA coupled with a network of private and university labs. The company specifically wants to work and grow with startups before they staff-up and build out internal labs. Additionally, Covalent is delivering on lower pricing and faster turnaround than competition chiefly through operational and business model innovation.
Early feedback suggests that the presenters provided sound, thought-provoking information, and attendees were interested enough to stay for the networking. The startup founders indicated that they  participated in several productive discussions during the networking session, rendering the event a success.

The startup presenters provided inventive, technology-rich and fascinating concepts that have the ability to improve our lives in the near future, Lab ONE wishes them the best on their new ventures and is proud to help them on their paths to success.

Paul Smith, General Manager, Comet Group Lab One