The innovation of products and processes, or new ways to collaborate requires space:
Space to experiment, test and develop. 
It also requires people who share the passion for technology, striving to develop new applications, and who will only be satisfied with the very best solutions. People who, by constantly shifting the boundaries of what is physically possible, will meet the goals of tomorrow. 

It is an exciting place that encourages dialogue, collaboration and provides inspiration.  And that’s why we opened our Lab One in San Jose > Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Retrospective

What can you expect?

Different technologies are available on site to accelerate the development of great solutions and the expansion of your business.
In Lab One customers find a Think Tank for brainstorming and idea creation. They are offered easy access to plasma control technologies and expert know-how such as:
Process know-how
Demonstration of RF applications and process know-how.
Measurements, metrology
Elaborate control of plasma processes.
Faster development process
The systems available in Lab ONE accelerate the development process at the customer and internally.
Improve capability
The plasma chambers will allow us to study plasma phenomena and together with the diagnostic and control facilities will enable us to increase our knowledge about plasma behavior and help us develop better products.
Comet Group Top Management, Customers and Partners impressions about Lab One Paul Smith, General Manager of Comet Group Lab One in interview with WNIE TV