4. Active dialogue with shareholders

Comet has taken and continues to take the dialogue with its stakeholders very seriously. In keeping with the principle of equal treatment of shareholders, the Board of Directors maintains regular personal contact with its major shareholders.

The company is also in regular contact with Veraison Capital Ltd  and had several discussions with its representatives. Accordingly, Veraison's candidate for the Board of Directors, Mr Heinz Kundert, was included in the list of candidates as part of the selection process and examined in detail. After completing this review process, the BoD came to the conclusion that Christoph Kutter and Patrick Jany were the most suitable candidates for Comet's sustainable strategy and long-term corporate success. The professional and personal requirements are best met by these two personalities.

At the age of 54, Christoph Kutter will ensure a generation change in the Board of Directors and, on the background of the statutory age limit of 70, will be available for one or, if necessary, several market cycles. With this, a long-term perspective of the corporate strategy will be ensured.