8 eggs

6 days

4 websites

Will you find them?

How to participate?

From March 31 to April 6, 2021 your challenge - if you choose to accept - is:

  • To find all the 8 eggs we placed on various pages of the english version of the Comet Group websites:  
  • Remember the page where you found it
  • Fill the form at the bottom of this page mentioning your personal details and the 8 links where you've found the eggs.

What do I get?

After reviewing your answers on April 6 - you'll get an email with your super-official and personalized

Comet Digital Egg Hunter Certificate

(Don't forget to leave us your email to receive it)

How do the eggs look like?

If you see this visual in one of our webpages, you found 1 egg.

Write down or copy the URL of the page where you've seen it in order to enter it in the registration form.

Why do we do this?

Let us explain you why we had this idea...

Times have been hard for all of us. And we have the feeling that the seriousness of the pandemic took away a bit of people's joy. However, joy is the driver of our motivation. Like children during an Easter hunt, it's this inner curiosity and the joy of finding new things that move us forward. Everyday.

So we want to share with you this wonderful experience, and hope it will cheer up your Easter!


Happy Easter!




Because we are fair players we provide you with 4 hints:


Hint #1:

Easter is very much related to spring, which means the launch of something new. Yxlon and Comet X-Ray recently launched new products this year. That would be a safe bet.


Hint #2:

With Comet PCT we are recognized worldwide for our Vacuum Capacitors and close relationship with customers.



Hint #3:

Comet Group acts as a forward-thinking employer and remains always in contact with the different stakeholders.



Hint #4:

The bunny may place the eggs on the floor. We would rather look at the bottom of the pages.

Congratulations to the certified Easter Egg Hunters.

The competition is now over. See you next year!