School students and apprentices at YXLON Hamburg

School students at YXLON Hamburg

Are you young, talented, goal-oriented and fascinated by technology? In Hamburg we give school students a chance to gain valuable work experience during one- to three-week internships. These provide you with insight into the work of a mechatronics technician. Alternatively, if you're doing a business-related internship, you'll work in various areas of the company.

Trainees at YXLON Hamburg

YXLON Hamburg is famous for its top-quality training. We can train you in the following commercial and technical professions: mechatronics technician, industrial economist, and IT specialist for systems integration. Once they have completed their apprenticeship, our trainees are qualified specialists that profit from the experience of an SME and the expertise of our specialists. Our cooperation with Philips GmbH also provides insight in many different areas.