Working at COMET Aachen

Aachen is the center of excellence for the development of high-frequency generators and thus an important development location for the COMET Group.

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Your career at COMET Aachen

Students at COMET Aachen

In Aachen you can play an active role in shaping our company, undertake exciting tasks, and even tackle minor projects yourself.

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Graduates at COMET Aachen

Graduates are fully integrated into our teams from day one. They are given responsibilities within a challenging position and gain first-hand experience of our business.

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Your colleagues worldwide

I can experience the development of our products from up close. That gives me in-depth insight into the processes involved. Here I can test the boundaries of what is technically possible, while interactions with my colleagues give me inspiration time and again.

Arnaud Sottas, Flamatt

I have a wide variety of tasks to undertake every day. That keeps my job exciting. Direct contact with our R&D team enables me to see first-hand how a product develops.

Christa Byrsting, Copenhagen

In Beijing we work together like a big family. Within our team, people support each other, and there is understanding and friendship.

Yan Lulu, Beijing