Our strategic goals by 2019

Net sales in CHF million

To the next level with four additional accelerators

The Comet Group is profitably and rapidly moving forward. At its Investor Day, CEO René Lenggenhager, who assumed office in May, is reaffirming the Group's existing strategic direction. The Comet Group has significantly accelerated its growth in 2017, with all segments expanding strongly, and is marking important milestones in the execution of its strategy. The ongoing initiatives are well on track and new sets of measures were launched in 2017.

To prepare the Group for the demands of the future and be able to seize opportunities more quickly, the Comet Group will invest in four additional levers – digitalization, diversification, speed & agility and go-to-market – and has launched projects to drive these themes forward.


The aims of this Group-level initiative include making production processes more efficient and rapid through automation, using ongoing analysis of product data for predictive maintenance and new product development, and optimizing customers’ processes.


The package of diversification measures consists of an overall strategy for developing the Asian market; of the entry into new applications especially for ebeam and radio frequency (RF) technology; and of the further expansion of the offering, including in the service business.

Speed & Agility

To support customers’ ever-shorter development cycles, the Comet Group is moving to adopt faster processes at all levels of the company.

Market access

This lever comprises initiatives for heightening market access, for cross-selling between segments, and for lead management.

The Comet Group is active in growth markets, is opening up appealing new applications with its technologies and has made strong growth. The management and Board of Directors therefore expect the 2020 targets of CHF 500 million in sales and an EBITDA margin of 16% to 18% to be achieved early, in 2019. In the next few years the Comet Group will invest substantially in the expansion of production capacity, the development of new applications and in the four additional strategic levers. Despite this investment, the Group expects to sustain its continual generation of value.
The Comet Group is an exciting company that is at an inflection point of becoming an even more relevant partner to many of our customers and industries.

Dr. René Lenggenhager, CEO Comet Group