Global expansion and IPO

Expansion of the distribution and service network set the tone for the company’s momentum. Comet North America moved to Northwalk, CT in 1992 (later to Stamford). By the mid-nineties, COMET had further expanded its market leadership in industrial x-ray technology. Brisk demand from traditional areas of application and the emergence of new potential uses brought remarkable increases. Over the next few years, growth in the high vacuum area would be driven by future developments in the semiconductor industry that would accompany the introduction of new technologies.The economic situation looked promising and COMET’s potential for growth was superior.
At the end of the 1990's, the COMET Group acted on the growing importance of the Asian economic region. In 1998, COMET ventured into China and started marketing its full range of products: first modules and components of the Industrail X-Ray business,  later followed by vacuum capacitors.

Building on this momentum, COMET HOLDING AG conducted its initial public offering in 1996 on the Berne Stock Exchange. To optimize conditions for the Group’s long-term growth, COMET switched to the Swiss Exchange SWX in Zurich in 2002.

Quality and environmental policy became a permanent part of corporate policy with COMET’s first ISO certification in 1994.

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