Customer proximity for long-term collaboration

COMET AG was made a subsidiary of COMET HOLDING AG in 1981.

The metal-ceramic x-ray tube replaced the glass tube once and for all and went into serial production at COMET AG, being mechanically more robust and of much more compact, light-weight construction. This innovation earned COMET business and recognition from customers and experts around the world. The series was expanded to bipolar (MXR-450) and unipolar (MIR-300) x-ray tubes.
The growing order book of Vakuum-Kondensatoren AG (vacuum capacitors) required an expansion in production and office facilities at the company’s headquarters. The plant and required infrastructure were expanded rapidly using state-of-the-art, custom-built machinery. The establishment and expansion of international country-specific service points gained strategic weight.
For the first time in 1983, COMET brand x-ray tubes were used in space.
1988, the licensor Machlett was taken over and COMET was about to go out of business, but in the end, COMET was able to produce x-ray tubes on its own.
In addition, COMET Franc Sarl was founded.  

From 1989, all rotation anode x-ray tubes were produced by COMET itself. Through the great efforts of all COMET employees, the company succeeded in introducing new models to meet the market’s requirements and maintained the company’s ability to deliver on schedule at all times.

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