Innovative and stable during world economic crisis

With the presentation of its new high-power product line at the 17th World Congress on Non-destructive Testing in Shanghai, COMET underscored its leading position in industrial x-ray technology. While 450 kV was previously considered to be the maximum possible output, this was exceeded with the launch of a 600 kV x-ray source. This boost in power allows the inspection of large engine blocks or turbine blades, something previously only possible using costly linear accelerators.
ebeam technology was recognized with the Swiss Technology Award in 2009. With its compact, low-voltage electron emitter, COMET developed a top-quality product suitable for sterilizing packages in in-line processes.
In 2010, the COMET Group emerged even stronger from one of the most severe global financial crises thanks to its systematic implementation of Group strategy, improved productivity and cost optimization efforts. This was demonstrated by 44% growth in sales to CHF 217.4 million as well as an increase in profit margin to 13% (EBITDA).
2011, the acquisition of the German-based Stolberg HF-Technik AG, specializes in the development and manufacture of RF and VHF generators, takes place.
COMET is therefore fully equipped to develop entire RF power supply systems featuring fully compatible components, all from a single source, and to rapidly conquer this new market.

2012, Tetra Pak praised ebeam technology at the FoodTec Fair Anuga and in field tests, already 50 million containers have been sterilized and sold.

2013, COMET Group celebrates its 65th anniversary as a leading company in the area of x-ray, high frequency and ebeam technology.