Entry into end-customer business through FEINFOCUS

2002, an Asset deal with Philips takes place: medical X-ray tubes were phased out in favor of industrial metal ceramic tubes. COMET focuses now on two business areas, Security & Inspection and Microelectronics & Life Science (vacuum capacitors, mass spectrometers).

After 9/11, COMET obtained contracts to equip US airports with x-ray tubes. To handle the volume, production was increased by a factor of 25 in 12 weeks.
Share lostind moved to the Swiss Exchange SWX Zurich.
In the fall of the same year, the company moved into its new building in Flamatt, and 2003 saw the grand opening of another subsidiary – COMET China Ltd. – in Shanghai.

A significant milestone was the first step toward a systems business (end customer business): In 2004 COMET HOLDING AG acquired FEINFOCUS, a company which had just launched the versatile Y.COUGAR x-ray system on the market. High-resolution microfocus x-ray testing systems and MicroCT systems for performing quality assurance on small test components were added to the product range. Non-destructive testing became a broad-based market for COMET with applications in the aviation, automotive, energy and electronics industries.

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