Vacuum capacitors create second revenue stream

With the positive trend in sales in the medical x-ray business as well as favorable conditions for development activities, medical radiology made key advances during these years. COMET registered its first patents stemming from ongoing development projects. The company's regular participation in international conferences and trade fairs drew new customers and made an increasingly large group of specialists aware of COMET brand x-ray tubes. The first customized special tubes were produced in small batches for key customers.
In industrial x-ray technology (security technology for inspecting carry-on luggage), the first ceramic tubes (CXR-100) were launched as a new product and installed at Zurich Airport.

In 1965 the management decided to leverage its engineers’ extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of vacuum technology and high-voltage engineering to create new products and founded a business unit producing vacuum capacitors for communication and radio transmitters.
The decision to diversify led to a phase of expansion marked by scientific curiosity and enthusiasm among committed engineers and product developers. The increasingly positive order situation encouraged the management to move into new markets with new products.

The strategic change of course as well as greater utilization of production capacity prompted an expansion of the company’s facilities in 1965. The number of employees was constantly on the rise during these years. An open and friendly collegial atmosphere engendered a sense of solidarity and shared problem-solving especially among long-term employees.