3 reasons why women and high-tech are a match at the Comet Group

While the high-tech industry is growing, women in this field remain very much a minority. At the Comet Group we are striving to demonstrate that passion for technology goes far beyond all possible boundaries.  We list below our main levers to attract passionate women who want to make a difference

Culture of Diversity

As part of our core values, fairness, respect and collaboration are at the center of all our activities. Promoting understanding of each other is in our DNA and we put all our efforts on overcoming stereotypical views. 
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Investing in early intervention

To us parity also means promoting technology at a very early stage to counter the impact of gender stereotypes on careers. In our different initiatives with which we initiate young people to Comet Group’s technology oriented jobs, girls are always very well represented and we proudly accompany our apprentices also in technical fields such as R&D on their way to success.
Young people need to feel free to choose their career, out of the gendered range that is cultivated in the society. This kind of thinking needs to start from a young age.
Thus, young females are very welcome to join us also as apprentices in technical fields.

Provide role models

There is still a way to go for us. However, we are proud to have increased our share of women in leading positions over the last years - be it Senior Management, Executive or Board level. We are convinced that women in leading positions can serve as role models for the younger generation.
At the Comet Group women have an equal access to opportunities and education they need to advance at every stage of their careers, embedding a strong cultural understanding for diversity at a global scale.

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