Working at YXLON Hudson

We are a sales, service, support and applications group. We work closely with our customers in North America and advise them on innovative X-ray and CT technology.

joining COMET Group

Your colleagues worldwide

I can experience the development of our products from up close. That gives me in-depth insight into the processes involved. Here I can test the boundaries of what is technically possible, while interactions with my colleagues give me inspiration time and again.

Arnaud Sottas, Flamatt

I have a wide variety of tasks to undertake every day. That keeps my job exciting. Direct contact with our R&D team enables me to see first-hand how a product develops.

Christa Byrsting, Copenhagen

In Beijing we work together like a big family. Within our team, people support each other, and there is understanding and friendship.

Yan Lulu, Beijing

COMET promotes and encourages talented young employees because it knows their value and the importance of helping them to achieve their potential. Here I can organize my work individually and pursue my own objectives. And I am inspired afresh every day.

Dr. Gregor Hommes, Flamatt