Our strategic goals by 2020

Net sales in CHF million

Growth through new applications and closer partnerships

With its three core technologies, the COMET Group is instrumental in bringing greater safety and security, mobility, sustainability and efficiency to numerous areas of life. This predestines the Group to support developments that are associated with profound social and technological changes and which include trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT), 3D technologies, flexible displays, highly functional materials and resource-conserving, efficient processes. In its 2020 growth strategy, the Group prioritizes bringing existing competencies together, tapping new applications based on the core technologies, and enhancing collaborative partnerships with key customers.

Innovative technologies

Application-specific expansion of competencies and greater use of Group-wide synergies, focused on the core technologies of x-ray, radio frequency and ebeam.

New applications

Entering new, rapidly growing business sectors based on current market and technology trends.

Key account partnering

Intensification and expansion of collaborative partnerships with key accounts.

Operational excellence

Enhancing performance by carefully combining and further developing existing strengths and raising productivity and efficiency.

The strongest growth in the period to 2020 is expected in the Plasma Control Technologies (PCT) and ebeam Technologies (EBT) businesses. PCT, with its strength in radio frequency technology, is superbly positioned as a strategic partner to customers for the fabrication of 3D data-storage technologies, new manufacturing processes for high-growth IoT applications, and flexible displays. PCT is synonymous with rapid, repeatable production processes and equips its customers to achieve higher manufacturing throughput and profits. In the long term, the strongest growth for the Group is expected to come from the ebeam business. As the world's only vertically integrated powerhouse for low-energy electron beam technology, the COMET Group is ideally placed to develop new applications through direct market access. These uses include, for example, surface finishing in the furniture industry and improving the function of pressure-sensitive adhesives and plastic films. At the same time, the ebeam unit sees exciting growth potential in the intensive collaboration with highly regarded partners like Tetra Pak and Bühler. In the X-Ray Systems business, metrology is the foremost new application. For the X-Ray Modules business, a further important growth opportunity is the scanning of hand luggage (carry-on) using new, more powerful technology.

Strategy presentation at Investor Day 2016

The Strategy 2020 is the continuation of our growth strategy thus far, but with a heightened focus. We are attuned to rising global growth trends. By combining our strengths to good effect, we can deliver strong growth in close partnership with our customers. Our goal is to reach sales of about CHF 500 million by 2020.

Ronald Fehlmann, CEO