COMET Group | Jun 20, 2008

Management Change in Vacuum Capacitor Group

The COMET Group today announced the departure of Mr. Heinz Wuethrich as Manager of the Vacuum Capacitor Business Unit, within the Company’s Modules and Components Division.

Heinz Wuethrich leaves the COMET Group after two years, during which time he helped direct the Business Unit into new markets, including the successful forward integration into the field of RF matching networks. Mr. Wuethrich’s departure does not change the company’s commitment to these new strategies, which remain central to the business unit’s forward direction. Dr. Roland Zarske, Chief Executive Officer of the COMET Group and head of the Modules and Components Division, will undertake the responsibilities of the Vacuum Capacitor Business Unit Manager on an interim basis, until a replacement for Mr. Wuethrich is found.